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About Us

Harriette's Restaurant was established May 17, 1982, built from where a small two-bedroom one-bathroom family home once stood. 


The family feel is still there as you step into the dining room and you can almost picture Grandma cooking and baking the ginormous muffins in the back.

Just like when you visit your grandma, you'll feel like family is taking care of you. That's the way Harriette always wanted it to be.

You see, when you visit us at Harriette's, you're not a client, you're family, and our family has grown quite a bit lately. 


It is no accident that Harriette's is consistently rated #1 on Yelp and Trip Advisor. Locals love us, but visitors from all over the United States and indeed the world have made it a habit to stop by and enjoy our homemade cooking.

The huge muffins are so popular that they've become a Local Legend. It is a common site to see diners taking several muffins with them after their meal to share with their family back home so they can enjoy the experience as well. 

So, when you visit the Florida Keys, and who doesn't at least once in their lifetime, be sure to visit family.


We'll be waiting for you at Harriette's.



6:00 AM-3:00 PM  7 days a week

Phone:  305-852-8689

Closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

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